Young Artists are facing tremendous pressure to survive.

COVID has brutally impacted the lives of poor Artists.

The Big Problem:

You probably already know how difficult the profession of an ordinary artist is. Read a report here that The Guardian reported which tells how 98% Actors are unable to earn a living with Acting.

In poorer countries like India, where the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, tens of thousands of Artists are facing a fight to survival due to the Pandemic and Lockdowns. Women have it even worse due to pay disparity and gender discrimination. Everyday, beautiful people are just giving up and killing themselves. Help young girls who are from poor families to survive and thrive and save them from exploitation.

They deserve help. We are doing everything in our capacity and we plead you to help them with us.

Please donate anything you can. We will reach back to you of how your donation helped make a change, even if small. Our Actors will thank you. You can also hire them for any work, like making Ads for your business or making thank you videos for your family.

The reason for our existence is to help others - Indiwood.


Indiwood is run by a small independent team who find happiness in serving the struggling actors and artists. Since 2008, Indiwood has helped more than 8200 aspiring talents from all over India and the world to pursue and realize their dreams.

Apart from providing money and work to the needy and deserving ones, we have helped poor artists to get projects, provided free photoshoots as well as help them get a stage to showcase their talents. We have been running a free and open talent search website where people from all over the world are given an opportunity to be discovered and hired. We have scores of successful actors who have shared with us interviews of their life stories for those who are in a struggling phase.

Unfortunately, being independent with no fundings, we are unable to help several very needy people and therefore we request you for donations.


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4 People have helped us till now.


Patricia Bemis donated $50
Message: Please use this to help any artist in real need.


Anonymous donated $250
Message: Art is a message of God when conveyed by a true artist. My small token of gratitude.


Michael S donated $20
Message: I want to make some promo videos for my new website and want to hire a young female who speaks english well and can record and send me vidoes online. I will pay for each video. Please arrange some profiles ...


Sandhya Nayak donated $75
Message: My advice to those who are going through hard times, keep fighting, this too shall pass.


Please donate via PayPal, even $1 will be very helpful to us. You can optionally mention if you want this money to be used to help Female or Male Artists or any other details. If you want to hire an artist for any work, please mention while donating about what profile artist you want and we contact you with the available options to select.